Jeanette B. Milio

Executive Producer 

Jeanette B. Milio

Executive Producer for Film and Television 

Jeanette Milio is a producer and financier of film and television content. She has been involved in projects exceeding a production volume of $250 million to date, that have been distributed worldwide by studios like Paramount, Sony, and Lionsgate, networks like HBO, ABC, TLC, and Discovery, and streamers like Netflix and Amazon.

Over twenty-five years and working across three continents, Jeanette has been involved in the production of over 500 hours of film and television programs, including Academy Award® winning talent in front of and behind the camera. 

She received the prestigious UCLAx Distinguished Instructor Award® in 2022 for her course "Entertainment Finance", and recently released her first book, ENTERTAINMENT FINANCE TODAY, a practical guide on how to finance content for today's marketplace.

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Courses - Seminars - Workshops - Consultation

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Film Finance Summit, moderated by Jeanette B. Milio

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Stage32/Netflix  Webinar

instructed by Jeanette B. Milio


From First $ To Profit Distribution

UCLAx Online

by Jeanette B. Milio


How To Finance 1 $1MM-$3MM Film,

instructed by Jeanette B. Milio

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Step-By-Step Guide To Financing Content For Television, instructed by Jeanette B. Milio


My Book:

"Entertainment Finance Today"

How To Successfully Finance, Produce and Distribute Film and Television Projects Today



written by Jeanette B. Milio

“Classic Book! A detailed and easy to understand manual for film"

- Gordy S.

"Such a Great Book. This is a wonderful book for anybody interested in the movies and television business"

- Rebecca M.

“Amazing book. There is nothing like this in the market. Compressive and super helpful information on how to get film and TV projects financed and green-lit today"

- Olivia G.

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