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Inspired by my students at UCLA and by my distinguished colleagues who supported me in writing this book, I wrote my book Entertainment Finance Today primarily to accompany my entertainment finance courses.

By now, emerging and expanding industry professionals as well as investors, and readers from all over the world have bought my book to help guide them in understanding the complexity of the Hollywood industry, making informed decisions, and understanding risks and mitigation strategies when financing, producing and distributing film and television content.


“Amazing, one-of-a-kind book to understand every step -- from the inception of an idea to get it on screen as a film or TV show! A detailed and easy-to-understand manual for getting a film made and generating profits"

Gordy S.

"This book offers real hands-on tools to make a film happen. From choosing the right idea that can sell to attracting investors with a solid financial plan that defines all the finance sources available today, to get the right distribution deal, and avoiding pitfalls"

Rebecca M.

“Amazing book. There is nothing like this available to buy anywhere. It is actually a fun read, and I couldn't put it down when I was reading about the author's mishaps.  Comprehensive and super helpful information on how to get film and TV projects financed and green-lit today"

Olivia G.

Press & Media

Articles and Videos

Maui News - 

Negotiation of Art vs. Reality

Art: Your idea and your script. How do you best merge art with commerce?

Reality: Buyers and distributors must adhere to feasible budgets to achieve an ROI on the content they acquire and produce. How can writers support this development to get their project green-lit?

Let's talk about how writers can work on characters, locations, and scenes in a way that makes their project feasible, and how the "Trickle-Down-Effect" can impact the costs and expenses connected to your script.

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