A comprehensive guide on how to finance, produce and distribute film and television content today

What is the book about?

Hollywood can be a jungle if you don't know how to navigate it. This book covers the actual financial aspects of the Hollywood industry as it is today. It lays out each step of the motion picture and television project value chain, from development through profit participation, and illustrates the implications and risks of financial choices along the way.


Filmmakers and investors alike gain a thorough understanding of how to maneuver safely through a complex industry in a way that reduces risks and optimizes profits. The book includes:

  • How to secure financing for film and television projects today

  • How to establish risk-mitigating and profit-optimizing financial models

  • How to finance and develop a project that is green-lit

  • How to structure a feasible production budget

  • How to avoid budget overages and delivery delays

  • How to find worldwide distribution and what deals make sense today

  • How to secure rights & talent (cast, director)

  • What agreements are essential and what terms impact the bottom line

  • What are the pitfalls and how to avoid them

This book s designed is for anyone who wants to obtain a solid understanding of the current entertainment industry, its risks, and its opportunities.

Why I wrote it?

No, I didn't wake up one day and decide - enough with producing, let's write a book. My students at UCLA inspired me to do this. They wanted a step-by-step guide from the creation of an idea to the delivery of profits. This is that book.

How it started...

After working in the entertainment business for over 20 years, I can say that the most important lessons I learned were the ones that hit me when I jumped in headfirst. I made lots of mistakes but also had many successes.  I share them openly in my seminars and workshops and with my UCLAx students -- and now also in my book -- so others don't have to stumble into the same traps."

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Reviews and where you find it...

(It is free of charge for my UCLA students who obtain a grant)


Price: $75.95

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Price: $79.95

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Price: $79.95

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Price: $79.95

plus tax, shipping